What to expect on test day.

Like normal you will be picked up from home 1 hour before the start of your test.  You should make sure that you bring both parts of your driving license, also they ask you to bring your theory pass certificate, although I have never seen a pupil been asked for it.

During this hour before your test you have one last chance to go over anything that you would like to do.  I generally spend the time driving through some of the more complex areas so that they are fresh in your mind.

imageWe will head to Bletchley test center to arrive there approximately 5 mins before your start time.  You will need to reverse bay park into one of the candidate bays.

After parking we head over to the waiting room, you will have time to visit the toilet if needed.

The examiner will come out of their offices and call out the candidates name,  you should walk over to meet them.  They will ask to see both parts of your license,  while they check these they will ask you to read and sign the two declarations at the top of the DL25 (test report form).  These declarations  are to insure that you have lived in the UK for 6 out of the last 12 months and that the car is insured and suitable for test.

The examiner will ask you if you would like your instructor present on test and if you would like them present for the debrief at the end of the test.

imageAs you then walk outside you will be taken to the left hand side of the car park and be asked to read a number plate of one of the vehicles opposite. 20.5 meters

You should then show the examiner to your car, where they ask you two of the show me tell me questions.

During the test you will be asked to follow the road ahead unless road signs or markings tell you otherwise, or unless the examiner tells you a direction. The test will last approximately 45 mins during which time you will be asked to perform 1 maneuver plus possibly a controlled stop.  You will also be asked to drive independently for approximately 10 mins following either road signs or the picture that the examiner shows you.

When you arrive back at the test center you will be asked to drive forward into one of the empty bays and secure the vehicle.  The examiner will then take a few minutes to check test form and will then let you know the result of the test and what faults you may have committed.

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